Logic Board Repair

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We’ve Loved Macs for Over 30 Years

We’ve been repairing Macs since 1989 and have fixed or repaired around 7,000 Apple computer problems through the years. Our Apple Certified Technicians have provided hundreds of businesses with Apple application and networking support and have solved countless hardware and software problems for end users and consumers. We continue to find the Apple platform to be the most dependable computer on the market, but sometimes they fail.


Professional Logic Board Repair

We repair logic boards that have failed due to:

  • Liquid Damage Failure
  • Power Fluctuation
  • Electronic Component Failure due to age, heat, etc.

Timely Repairs and Accountability

We are committed to completing your logic board repair in a timely way and to keeping you informed of our progress. Logic board repair is a all done by hand, after removing the logic board from the computer, we’ll use state-of-the-art equipment including microscopes, industrial soldering stations and other diagnostic equipment to identify the problem. We then replace failed components from our stock of electronics or, in some cases, we may need to order a part. Throughout the process, you can receive updates by phone, text or email so that you know right where your project stands.

MacBook Pro Logic Board

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MacBook Pro Repair

MacBook Logic Board Repair Experts

We do all our logic board repairs in-house using state-of-the-art diagnostic and repair equipment. We have successfully repaired boards damaged by water, wine, coffee, something that “tasted like raspberry” and other liquids.

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Logic Board Repair Pricing

All Logic Board repair prices include return shipping (your shipping to us is extra) and a 90-day limited warranty. Boards that cannot be repaired, or if you decline the repair, will be charged a $49 diagnostic/shipping fee upon return to you. Some replacement components may be needed for an additional charge in some repairs, e..g., keyboard, screen, daughterboards, other defective add-on parts.

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