Great Local Lexington Businesses

Lexington’s small businesses depend on your support!
The University of Kentucky, Toyota, Xerox, Kentucky One Health and Lexmark are all great organizations and companies with global reach. They employ thousands of Kentuckians and bring our city jobs, growth and wealth. So too do the hundreds of small businesses scattered around Lexington. As a small business ourselves, we know that most of the money we spend with local small businesses stays right here in Lexington, creating jobs, funding schools and roads and contributing to the great quality of life we have here in Central Kentucky. Hartland Computer Repair urges you to shop and buy local and support our community.

Lexington Wooden Window & Door Reconditioning

Laryn is a craftsmen in the greatest sense of the word. He and his team are building one of the fastest growing businesses of its kind anywhere by offering high quality service with the attention to detail that owners of Lexington’s beautiful 19th and 20th century homes want, and the historic architecture of their homes deserve.

Tincan Roasters

Tincan Roasters is a coffe and food truck service here in Lexington. We first discovered them when they were serving from their cool 1957 “canned ham” trailer at the Woodland Arts Fair in the summer of 2017. We’ve been drinking their esspresso roast exclusively ever since. The quality of the beans and roast are always great and it’s fun to see their trailer at Keeneland and other events.

NexGen Aviation

NexGen Aviation offers a wide range of services to Lexington businesses and individuals. Aircraft charter, individual flying lessons and training, testing and education are all available. Dale, Kelli and co-owner Brandon operate a first-class organization that has grown immensely over the last several years and counts some of the biggest “movers and shakers” in Central Kentucky as their clients.

Computer Pieces & Parts

Just what the name says. Clarence is a computer institution in this town and when we’re looking for parts, this is where we go first.

Hillenmeyer Christmas Shop

It’s a tradition in our house to visit this shop every Christmas at least once. Our family has been in Lexington since 1968 and Hillenmeyer was one of the great names in this city when we first moved here. Joseph and Shannon carry on that long tradition, offering more than just a tree or a wreath or a garland but by creating a whole fun Christmas experience for your whole family. Take your kids there even if you already have a tree.

European Delights Bakery

We spent nearly 15 years living in Europe. We miss the cafes and the bakeries there. We remember our trips to Paris or Budapest, or our time in Stockholm and Prague and the tiny bakeries with the gorgeous and tasty treats. Sitting by the window here with a cup of coffee takes us right back there. Local can be international too!

Action Court Reporters

We’re not in the legal profession so we’re not consumers of Judy’s services. But we’ve had a long association with her and have come to respect her integrity, intelligence and attention to detail. We imagine that these are qualities that her customers value as well.